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Add a GPS diagnostic alert onto the E360 dashboard alerts panel

Because the equipment manager is usually the same person managing the company's GPS system, let's make it easy for him to find problems with his GPS units.  Give him an alert on the E360 dashboard when a GPS unit hasn't checked in over 24 hrs, or when we see multiple on/off pings in a row , or when the unit is reporting more than 24 hrs of runtime during a day.  

All of the typical GPS problems that drive customers crazy looking for we could bring to the surface for them.  Put a GPS alert on the dashboard and let him turn it into a WO and have someone troubleshoot it or go check it out, just like any other problem with a piece of equipment.  We could prefill the WO with troubleshooting tips based on the recognized problem that created the alert, and include the GPS support phone number.  

  • Stuart Falknor
  • Apr 9 2015
From Product GPS
To Product E360
Key Benefit Save Time
ROM Estimate
Sales Win product differentiation from competitors
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