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Add a Maintenance Request feature to The Dispatcher

Very similar idea to the original Maintenance Request feature in HeavyJob.  Give the Dispatcher the ability to submit a maintenance request to the Equipment360 dashboard.  

  • Stuart Falknor
  • Apr 9 2015
From Product Dispatcher
To Product E360
Key Benefit Save Time
ROM Estimate
Sales Win product differentiation from competitors
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  • Michael Bordelon commented
    April 22, 2015 15:02

    The right solution is to get the maint request in the mobile apps out in the field.

  • Stuart Falknor commented
    April 22, 2015 15:28

    Agreed, but this functionality exists in current VDF version of HJ...it could be an easy win to pick up that functionality and move it to Dispatcher.  Per HOSS, we have around 340 unique companies that own Dispatcher but do not own E360.  Could this help us convert a few of those?