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This is the ideas portal for capturing all ideas for integration between the HCSS applications. 

FuelerPlus (and Equipment360) location data should be sent back to Dispatcher to update location, or at least FP/Locations should be added to the Dispatcher True Up feature...

Most companies have HJ, Dispatcher, and/or GPS feeding locations into E360/FP on a schedule (nightly).  The fueler can then change the piece of equipment's job/location using his Field system or Mobile app.  When he makes this change, we don't send that information back to Dispatcher (doesn't make sense to send it back to HJ or GPS).  And if Dispatcher doesn't get updated, then the nightly import overrides the equipment's location in E360/FP and he has to make the same location change tomorrow.  FuelerPlus should send location information back to Dispatcher and update the location automatically.  OR, if someone has a problem updating Dispatcher automatically, we should add an E360/FP location column to Dispatcher's True Up screen alongside GPS so the Dispatcher can see all the info when he Trues Up his magnet board at the end of the day.

  • Stuart Falknor
  • Apr 9 2015
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