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This is the ideas portal for capturing all ideas for integration between the HCSS applications. 

Resource Report that pulls from all products for a complete history

Be able to look at the history of an employee or equipment across all of our products.  For example:

1) you might have an employee that consistently is tardy to work and misses safety meetings and maybe you should discipline or fire him

2) you have a foreman that is always under budget, on time, and gets most of his crew to do safety meetings and you want to reward him

3) you have an equipment that is always being repaired, maybe it costs more to keep repairing it than renting

4) you have a rental equipment that is not being used enough

Basically, we are tracking a lot of info for these resources in several different products and this report would give you a grand history of a resource.

  • Robert Foster
  • Apr 8 2015
From Product All
To Product All
Key Benefit Better use of data
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