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This is the ideas portal for capturing all ideas for integration between the HCSS applications. 

How to Integrate AND Avoid Bugs

Create a SQL database on Azure for all software to link with set rules like this.

1. You can only write to your perspective table (ie: Heavybid to Heavybid, HJ to HJ etc, etc)

2. All other software can use this data however they want in a read only aspect. (in regards to interfacing with other products data.)

3. You may not remove tables from your Azure tables with out the written consent of all other software dept. heads saying this will not cause breaks in their reporting


This will allow easy integration without spending a ton of time across departments because you just write reports from a static data set that will be reliable. And with this SOP it will be hard for communication not to happen from one dept. to another. If I need data from another department I could request that data be added to the read only tables and if I want to send data to them I can request they add a read function to my table. There are a ton of benefits from forcing 1 directional integration where I don't "push" writes to your database.

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  • Apr 8 2015
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