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Central location for all product setups

Instead of programming setups in each individual product why don't we have a "common" location to add/modify/enable/disable setups for all products. We can easily load up the setup page and show/hide components based off of the products that the user has access to. We could also fairly easily show product specific features for the setups based on the products that they have access to.

Overall this would allow the customer to quickly and easily see their setups and what product specific configurations have been set. This also reduces the overall development as we would not need to develop the setups for each product, just the product specific configurations. This would make starting new products much more easier as they would immediately use the setups that have already been created.

This would take some time to get started but the first products to use this one-stop-shop for setups would be Safety, Skills, Fill in Forms, and possibly HJ.

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  • Apr 8 2015
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  • Michael Bordelon commented
    April 09, 2015 01:11

    This is a long term goal and will be done incrementally, but is not going to be done in one integration project.