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Mobile Mech Inspections Send to E360

Have fill in forms be able to send to E360, specific to equipment walkarounds, DOT inspections.
  • Michael Bordelon
  • Mar 25 2015
From Product Web
To Product E360
Key Benefit Better use of data
ROM Estimate 2
Sales Win
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  • Michael Bordelon commented
    April 22, 2015 14:52

    Would this push PDFs to 360, or give 360 a link to open a web view to search forms?  Also, should we use a dedicated equipment inspection app instead of fill in forms?

  • Michael Bordelon commented
    April 22, 2015 14:53

    This is a mobile inspection app for E360 that will be in HJM and mobile mech.

  • Stuart Falknor commented
    April 22, 2015 15:14

    I'm not sure I like fill-in-forms or pdf's for this idea.  Ideally, this should be a standalone app because the typical user is not a foreman or a mechanic; it's a driver or operator that doesn't have easy access to HJM or MobMech.  If we build it as a standalone app or as part of employee app, then we can put a feature in HJM and MobMech that opens up that original app directly so we can pick up those atypical use cases where someone does want to do this in HJM or MobMech without having to build separate functionality into those apps.  Those are my thoughts...